Throughout all of this Apostle Roberts is a living witness to the power of prayer, having endured challenges in life through health, relationship, and finance, But most of all, he has seen God use these experiences as opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. One common statement which he hears as he encounters new people, "I've never met a preacher like you." Any glory for that truth goes to God. 

Apostle Walter E. Roberts

       Apostle Walter E. Roberts is the Chief Apostle and Presiding Bishop of Heal The Nations Global Fellowship of Ministries. Apostle Roberts has been in public ministry for over 45 years. Initially Licensed and Ordained by the Church Of God In Christ, Apostle Roberts eventually became the General Secretary to the Chairman of The Board of Bishops of the COGIC in 1985, serving in that capacity until he was led of God to move Apostolically into worldwide Ministry. Today Apostle Roberts is the covering Bishop to Ministries in Africa, The Philippines, India and the USA. He also provides covering to various 5 Fold Ministry Entities around the world. He is also blessed to have 3 children who are also Ordained Ministers who operate with the anointing of God around the United States. He travels extensively training, activating, and releasing those who have been called to lead in the operation of the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.